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Los Angeles Laser Medicine Q & A

Dr. Zelda Billingy of the California Mesotherapy Institute in Newport Beach, California gives California Health and Beauty straight answers about the ways lasers can successfully treat a wide variety of medical and cosmetic issues.

CHB: What kinds of conditions can be treated successfully with lasers?

Dr. Billingy: There are many medical uses for lasers, and we continue to develop new techniques all the time. Lasers are great for spider and varicose veins on the face or legs, wrinkles and damaged skin, removing unwanted hair, minimizing scars and stretch marks, clearing up acne problems, and removing port wine stains.

CHB: So what kind of laser do you use at California Mesotherapy & Laser?

Dr. Billingy: We decided on the CoolGlide XEO laser, which recently won the Aesthetic Trends & Technologies Editor’s Choice Award for Most Diverse Aesthetic Laser. The CoolGlide Xeo can be used for skin rejuvenation, facial and leg vein removal, hair removal and pigmented lesions.

“This laser is truly the best aesthetic long pulsed YAG ever built” – Aesthetic Trends & Technologies

CHB: How do you use the CoolGlide XEO for Skin Rejuvenation?

Dr. Billingy: We do something called Laser Genesis – which is a unique non-ablative technique that produces smoother and healthier skin including the reduction of redness, reduced pore size and improves skin tone and texture. Laser Genesis results in measurable improvement of skin tone with absolutely no downtime. Non-ablative laser skin therapy has become a very popular alternative to ablative laser therapy to reverse the effects of sun damage and pigmented lesions.

CHB: Does that work on all skin types?

Dr. Billingy: The CoolGlide XEO laser system allows us to adjust the setting of the laser to treat fine or coarse hair and is cleared for permanent hair reduction on all skin types including tanned and dark skin.

CHB: Why do lasers work so well for hair removal?

Dr. Billingy: Because the lasers can see color against light background, they are specially suited for the removal of unwanted hair and are a non-invasive method to disable the hair structure without damaging the surrounding area. Numerous hair follicles can be treated simultaneously allowing for rapid coverage of large areas with minimal discomfort.

CHB: Can anybody have laser hair removal? I thought only light-skinned, dark-haired people could do well with it.

Dr. Billingy: Any adult in relatively good health is a candidate for laser hair removal. We normally recommend between 5 to 8 treatments depending on the individual skin and hair types. You will see results immediately but as hair grows in cycles it normally takes multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Everybody is different, so if you have concerns about the number and lengths of the treatment, please contact our office and a staff member will assist you. CHB: What about odd moles and pigmented lesions?

Dr. Billingy: The unique pulsed light hand piece on our Xeo laser is specially designed for treating lentigines and age spots with minimal discomfort and maximum results. We can treat venous lakes, hemangiomas, and port wine stains too. The only people who can’t be treated with this laser are pregnant women and skin cancer patients.

CHB: Vein removal is a big issue for a lot of women – what can you do for that condition?

Dr. Billingy: Our laser system enables us to treat a wide range of aesthetic vascular conditions including facial telangiectasia, spider veins and reticular leg veins. Our variable spot size selection makes treatment fast with minimal discomfort. We provide a safe and effective method of treatment for a wide range of vessel sizes that requires no injections.

CHB: How many treatments does it usually take for vein removal?

Dr. Billingy: In most cases, you can achieve a pretty significant improvement in as few as 1-3 treatments, with treatments occurring about every 8 weeks.


Ab•la•tive or ab•la•tion (noun) Removal of a body part or the destruction of its function, as by a surgery, disease, or noxious substance.

len•tig•i•nes (noun) A small, flat, pigmented spot on the skin.

tel•an•gi•ec•ta•sia (noun) Chronic dilation of groups of capillaries causing elevated dark red blotches on the skin.

he•man•gi•o•ma (noun) A benign skin lesion consisting of dense, usually elevated masses of dilated blood vessels.

Zelda Billingy, M.D.

Zelda Billingy M.D., graduate of Loma Linda University is a board certified gynecological surgeon who has practiced in women’s health care for over 22 years. Dr. Billingy’s commitment to women’s health care led her to found the Women’s Corner Medical Center and Fem-Fit Diet Center. Although an accomplished surgeon, Dr. Billingy has done extensive research into non-surgical esthetic procedures and obtained dual certification in mesotherapy through the International Society of Mesotherapy. She subsequently established the California Mesotherapy and Laser Institute.

Dr. Billingy has been a “consulting expert” on numerous television programs and has had her own radio show on ‘Women’s Health Care Issues” serving the greater Los Angeles area.

She studied in France with two of the world’s foremost authorities in mesotherapy: Dr. Jules Marthan, one of the pioneers of the “mesolift”, and Dr. Jacques Le Coz.

Dr. Billingy truly understands that women of all ages, through every phase of life, want to be healthy, look younger and feel better. she feels confident that mesotherapy offers many of the answers to these issues.

Board certification by the American College of OB/GYN International certification in Mesotherapy Certification in Gynecological Endoscopic Laser Certification in esthetic laser procedures Certification by the American Board of Quality Assurance & Utilization Review Physicians

Certified in BOTOX® through the Allergan Network.

Zelda Billingy, M.D.
230 Newport Center Dr., Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA