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Cellulite? Not Any More!

After being chosen to participate in two FDA clinical trials with VelaSmooth, Janae Brand, a licensed cosmetologist and total body consultant says, “It works on all skin types, requires no downtime, no diet and itís painless. I have been treating men and women of all ages with VelaSmooth and the results, even in stubborn areas, show consistent improvement with each treatment.”

After being chosen to participate in two FDA clinical trials with VelaSmooth, Janae Brand, a licensed cosmetologist and total body consultant is convinced. “VelaSmooth works on all skin types, requires no downtime, no diet and itís painless. Since January of 2005, I have been treating men and women of all ages with VelaSmooth and the results, even in stubborn areas, show consistent improvement with each treatment.”


Patients typically undergo 45-minute treatments twice a week for about five weeks. Monthly maintenance treatments are recommended to preserve long-lasting results. The areas most responsive to VelaSmooth are the love handles in the lower tummy, the upper arms and of course, the hips, thighs and buttocks. VelaSmooth treatments are safe, painless and patients can resume normal activities immediately. Side effects are minimal with some patients exhibiting short-term redness in the treated area and occasionally, slight edema.

Having treated more than 70 patients to date with VelaSmooth and working with one of only one hundred VelaSmooth devices available in the country, Brand not only has acquired extensive experience in VelaSmooth techniques but also expert skills. In fact, she is currently a VelaSmooth body consultant, training doctors in the techniques and proper use of the VelaSmooth device. Syneron Medical is the company behind VelaSmooth, known for its ELOS technology.

The “u-turn” is a unique technique created by Brand for the outer thighs and butt. When going over the outer thigh/saddle bag, “I come up on the thigh, then u-turn toward the butt, lifting the butt as I go,” explains Brand. The “u-turn” is just one of the advanced, body contouring techniques Brand has developed as part of her personalized, treatment protocol for her patients.

So how does it feel? Brand says, ďVelaSmooth feels like a warm massage – as the suction of the device pulls the skin, the laser and infrared heat the area and itís not uncomfortable at all. Sometimes the inner thigh is a little sensitive, but if I pull the skin tight before I treat that area, itís not painful.Ē After treatment, your skin might feel similar to a light sunburn, but that disappears in about an hour.

Another personal touch by Brand is her approach to treating different ethnicities with the VelaSmooth. Most lasers are ineffective on dark skin because they seek color in order to function. A laser used improperly on dark skin can even cause hypopigmentation or light spots that cannot be reversed. “Lower settings need to be used on darker skin types and obtaining results may take a bit longer, since using a lower setting may require more treatments. Darker skin may need 12 visits instead of 10,” says Brand.

Dr. Lori Musto, the doctor who medically supervises Janaeís treatments and also involved with the FDA clinical trials, is pleased with the VelaSmooth results: “The VelaSmooth addition to my practice has produced truly amazing results. It is an effective non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that reduces cellulite, re-contours areas, smoothes and tightens your skin in less time than any other method available. My patients are very happy with the results as well as Janae’s excellent skills and personalized service.” VelaSmooth received FDA approval in June 2005, after the trials showed that the technology is truly effective with proven results. According to Brand, ďI would say that about 90% of the 70 patients we have treated since starting the service in January of 2005 have seen a visible reduction in the appearance of their cellulite.Ē

Janae Brand is located within the office of Dr. Lori Musto, 881 Alma Real, Suite #110, Pacific Palisades, CA. For more information or to schedule an appointment, complete the contact form.

Lori Ann Musto, D.O. and Janae Brand

Janae Brand, President of SkinSultant Management, has a reputation for being an innovator in the medspa industry. Her ongoing successful endeavors in this burgeoning field for the past 20 years demonstrate not only her in-depth knowledge of the cosmeceutical industry, but also her ability to perceive an emerging trend and to act on it before others.

Beginning her career as Director of Business Development with Solana Medspa, she was instrumental in gaining national recognition for the company. When the medspa concept was in its infancy, Janae, as Director of Body Renaissance Corporation, had already been responsible for working with numerous day spas in incorporating treatments such as lasers, injectables and medical skincare into their service menus, in addition to conducting seminars to help promote these services.

Her reputation as a skilled and expert medspa and body consultant brought her to the attention of some of the top physicians and spas in the area who called upon her services to help them launch their own medspas. Janae, while heading the marketing department for South Bay Plastic Surgery and concurrently serving as a medical aesthetician, worked closely with the doctor on all pre- and post-cosmetic procedures. She was operations supervisor for medical weight loss centers, assisting in the opening of several centers in the Los Angeles area.

For the past five years, Janae, experiencing an increasing demand for her consulting services by a multitude of well known physicians and plastic surgeons wishing to incorporate medspa services in their own practices, has put the emphasis of her career on medical aesthetics, including lasers, fillers and cosmeceuticals marketing. She has opened over 15 medical spas nationwide. In addition, she continues to in such areas as site selection, interior design, services, marketing and regulatory issues.

As someone who has always been on the cutting edge of the newest technology that is evolving to improve ones appearance, Janae Brand is once again a trailblazer with her impressive involvement with VelaSmooth: the newest treatment that effectively reduces cellulite and was just approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

Janae and her business partner, Dr. Lori Musto of Pacific Palisades, own only one of 100 of the body contouring, cellulite reduction lasers in the entire United States. Participating in two FDA clinical trials with VelaSmooth, Janae has acquired superior skills and expertise with the medical device and consequently, a large following of satisfied patients. Her level of skills allows her to train other health care professionals in her techniques. She has treated more than forty patients to date.

Janae, a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years and previous day spa owner herself, she has in-depth knowledge of the cosmeceutical industry, advanced certification on medical grade peels, lasers, injectables, retail sales, up-selling and cross-selling and all other areas of the medspa industry.

Most importantly, while Janae always has her eye on the future searching for improved, safer, more effective cutting-edge technology in order to better serve her patients, she never takes her eye off the present to provide her patients the most dedicated, expert and skilled service possible.

Lori Ann Musto, D.O. and Janae Brand
881 Alma Real Dr. Suite 110
Pacific Palisades, CA