About Us

American Health and Beauty is an exceptionally cost effective form of marketing available for plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors and providers, cosmetic dentists, and LASIK surgeons. You could purchase a magazine ad for a large sum of money and hope that the phone rings. You could send press releases to the television stations and beg or pay for air time.

Thousands of inquiries are processed through Yahoo, MSN, and Google each day. A very large percentage of those inquiries land on American Health and Beauty. Your prospective patient can then find their own city and a doctor. This prospective patient can write to you or call your office. Youíre never liable for an inquiry who is outside reasonable travel distance or information that isnít accurate. No other form of marketing makes the guarantee that American Health and Beauty can make. The leads we send you will be and be in your area or willing to travel there.

If you are a doctor wishing to be listed for a procedure, please use the adjacent form to contact us for additional information on how to become a local expert.

If you are a prospective patient inquiring about a procedure, please use the contact form on the procedure page to contact the doctor directly.